Therefore is a collective that believes in the power of innovation

We help build the next generation of disruptive B2B Fintech startups in Asia with a focus on the game changing potential of Blockchain, Crypto and AI

We are backed by a team of experienced professionals, and can connect capital with innovative solutions to today's most challenging problems

Our Approach

We help talented technologists realise their vision and bring their creations to market: We seek out and work with technologists with a proven approach to solving challenging problems, with a primary focus on the Fintech space in Asia. Once selected, our portfolio companies undergo a 12-18 month period of support and development with the aim of reaching a sustainable path to growth and follow-on financing as soon as possible.

We look for founders with passion and solid technical ability: We proactively avoid startups seeking capital in order to bring a vision to market. Our experience shows that more than 90% of 'paper launches' do not produce a viable product, and the level of business experience of founders does not drive the ability of a startup to bring a product to market. We seek to prove that the businesses we work with have the ability to ship well-built products first and foremost, and then work with them to reach a reasonable scale in a short time-frame.


Who We Are

Backed by Hawksburn Capital and located in the heart of old Singapore, Therefore works exclusively with no more than 4-5 startups at a time in a customised and intensive manner.

With access to extensive financial resources provided by our network of investors, Therefore can quickly make startups with promising underlying technology investment-ready and executive early-stage financing arrangements.

The team at Therefore have had previous experience in running startups and come from a diverse range of backgrounds in Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurship and Consulting.



Our team draws on a pool of talent and shared resources to help our portfolio startups through the provision of on-demand services in the following areas:


Our Companies

We currently work with a range of promising startups with ambition ranging from revolutionising the world of commodity trading through the use of crypto-currencies to making financial markets investments less costly through the provision of outsourced quantitative analysis services.

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